Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Whine Spill

If I hear we’ve hit a temperature record in Hot Humid Tampa one more time, I’m going to cover my ears. I don’t know about where you may live, but this has been one hot summer here. I’m dreaming of our cool tree-covered Highlands house-Norton Creek Lodge. I’m figuratively dipping my toes into that ice cold creek and wading up to the noisy busy miniature waterfall.

I’m getting emails and text messages from my adult children–count down time! The latest is an older text photo of my grand-dog Izzy, cooling and drying off near the cool creek next to the Highlands mountain house. Big ole grin on her face. Children can be so cruel…. As if I’m not already counting down the days til our family reunion, my son has to rub it in!

I’m soooo looking forward to a little r & r. There should be a bit of rocking chair time on the forever deck, a bit of checker time (I’ll be so ‘chilled’ that I’ll even let my opponent win!) and a bit of swing time. I think it’s time to find a hammock to string up, too! I wonder, if I swing back and forth, will I spill my glass of wine down time?


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