Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Cozy warm wait for Spring

Highlands NC

I don’t know why my calendar is hesitating in winter and just won’t budge into Spring! I’m ready for the leap but the calendar is not. If that means I must wait to see each of my lovely flowers, then I’m going to do it in cozy style, wrapped up in a warm blanket, with a great book and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Ahhhh peace, taken out of the suitcase and placed gently on the hearth for me to indulge. Pass the bon bons. No make that Qachbal’s Chocolates (Tampa FL) Dark Toodles-crisp snapping pecans wrapped in caramel and delectable mouth-watering fresh chocolate… There’s an ap for that, too!

Lodge Living Room


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Say It Isn’t Soooooo

May Trillium Highlands NC

One of my favorite flowers of Spring in Highlands NC is a very special flower. I learned that if picked, the entire plant will die. I also just learned how it’s seeds are spread; if you’re interested, visit Wikipedia! Even that explanation has not doused my ardor for Trillium. I’m so anxious to see my first one for Spring that I checked my Google Calendar. Last year I wrote on the date it first appeared and checked ‘annual’ so it would appear each year. I didn’t see it on March. So I checked the April calendar… not there. Ohhh noo-it’s on the May calendar for the 5th when I saw my first bloom along the hillside last year.
I spend long fragments of time walking down the long hallway from my bedroom to the lodge great room, stopping by each of the windows facing the plant covered hill behind us. I peek and move my head every which way, hoping to see the first Trillium blooms.. They are so special and so delicate. There is a ‘story’ that each of the three flower blooms (& three leaves) are for Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I like that explanation but my favorite could also be-love, beauty and everlasting hope. I already know God put it there!

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Smiles of Daffodils

I‘m counting down the days. I know that just under that latest dusting of beautiful snow is a daffi just waiting to burst through, raising it’s bright yellow head against the winter past, giving me a trilling heart for the Spring to come. Hurry up Spring! It begins with the beautiful white blooms of Bradford pear tree all along highway 64 in Franklin NC. I watch as Spring begins there and slowly blooms up the mountain side into Highlands. That brown, quiet, reclusive time of winter changes into the incredible shades of light green coming up the mountain side into Spring. Are my bags packed yet?

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Mountain Magic

I’m dreaming of an early morning twitter of song birds, walking in soft darkness running swiftly into sunrise and lovely singing within an outdoor amphitheater.  This is my mountain introduction to the sunrise service offered by First Presbyterian Church for all who care to begin Easter Sunday under the stars tweeting into sunrise. come meet the lucky ones in Highlands, NC Nature Center Amphitheater.

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