Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Say It Isn’t Soooooo

May Trillium Highlands NC

One of my favorite flowers of Spring in Highlands NC is a very special flower. I learned that if picked, the entire plant will die. I also just learned how it’s seeds are spread; if you’re interested, visit Wikipedia! Even that explanation has not doused my ardor for Trillium. I’m so anxious to see my first one for Spring that I checked my Google Calendar. Last year I wrote on the date it first appeared and checked ‘annual’ so it would appear each year. I didn’t see it on March. So I checked the April calendar… not there. Ohhh noo-it’s on the May calendar for the 5th when I saw my first bloom along the hillside last year.
I spend long fragments of time walking down the long hallway from my bedroom to the lodge great room, stopping by each of the windows facing the plant covered hill behind us. I peek and move my head every which way, hoping to see the first Trillium blooms.. They are so special and so delicate. There is a ‘story’ that each of the three flower blooms (& three leaves) are for Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I like that explanation but my favorite could also be-love, beauty and everlasting hope. I already know God put it there!


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