Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Looking With New Eyes

What a difference a week makes. Just a week ago, I started counting down the days we would be back in our High-lands, NC, Norton Creek Lodge, even if for so short a time this Spring season. Days at work were month and quarter-end tense, trying to get work done in 2 days that would take 4. I was dreaming about the first yellow daffodil popping up-with so much courage and promise against the winter skies.

I’m down to two days and counting and what am I thinking about? Splashing in the creek, listening for the baby’s cry and just smiling from ear to ear. and thanking God. That’s what happens when your son and daughter-in-law come by the house to tell you that you are going to be grandparent’s for the First Time!

Time for our annual gathering to be changed to an earlier date!! This is going to be such a happy house in years to come because it’s a perfect house for families of all ages to gather and cherish the time together. It was over twenty years ago when I told my husband that we needed to find a house that grandkids wouldn’t ‘fall off the mountain’ if they went outside to play. We needed a place to park more than one car for the family to come for their visits. Ten years ago we found Norton Creek Lodge–just perfect for couples and for family gatherings with split bedroom arrangement for 4 bedrooms (2 masters!) and 3 baths. Just ask the Glovers returning to us in August! Smile at the wild daisies and taste the yummy black raspberries for me please.

August WildFlowers


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