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Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Shy Peek-a-boo

Shy Peek-a-boo

Was it only a few weeks ago I was blogging about daffodils? It was just a short time ago, I arrived to a standing ovation of beautiful white daffodils with yellow hearts as we drove into the Lodge driveway. I felt like clapping and bowing towards their beauty.

As we unpacked a special one announced her place, off by herself to the right by the stairs. She shyly greeted us and it stopped me in my tracks. Where’s the camera and where did I pack it? I’m not moving one inch til I get this shot. My heart longed to wrap her in my arms but instead, sigh, I must look from afar hoping her time with us will be longer than usual. I will pine til I see her once again next year.

But wait, I’m going back shortly to to see tiny delicate bluette ranging all over the front yard next to the creek–the moss will be blooming. Who knew I was such a flower fan??? Highlands is always offering herself, whether it’s the flowers, creeks and lakes, wonderful hikes with all kinds of surprises and shopping and eating… Heaven. I am so blessed.


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