Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

In denial

I have an addiction. Well, maybe more than one. I love my mountain house in Highlands but this other addiction shows up each July and lasts through the early Fall months. In Florida, it lasts about a month but not up in Highlands NC, God’s bit of heaven on earth. If there can be an addiction that’s good for you–this is it.. in moderation..

That’s the bad word–moderation. I’ll let you in on the secret.. I learned to love it in the IL farm fields, the earlier the crop was, the better. It has to be young, and it has to pop with sugar and a burst of flavor in each and every part of it. I’m ashamed to say it’s a vegetable (tho I do love black raspberries, too!).

At Osage Farms on Rt 441 between Dillard GA and Mountain City, GA-across from the weekend Flea Market is where I get my fix. The fresh green beans are incredible and don’t even get me started with the fresh apple-blueberry bread. I plead with anyone up this way and heading back to FL to please please bring me 12 ears of Silver Queen Corn on the cob. I have no shame…if I have to get on my knees, I will.

In Denial

My family says I have a technique in eating… leave No Kernal Behind. I have a family of Enablers. How bad is that when you have an addiction to a vegetable? If I don’t eat like a ‘typewriter’ slinging down the keys from one row to the next, without stopping, until the ‘story’ is done, my family reminds me.

It couldn’t get any worse–they now put everyone’s cobs in front of me and take a picture. I am mortified-look, don’t you see! I must say, if that was a plate of fresh steaming, popping with salt and dripping real butter, it’d be all over my chin and I’d be too busy to smile!
Then a few days later I’d be thinking about that word ‘moderation’ again. . .


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God’s majesty in small things

Take a step out the Lodge door onto the deck in the cool crisp mountain air. Pull that warm cozy robe tight around you. Everything just seems to be a cup full of joy. Sit down in rocking chair with the hot tea streaming tendrils toward the heavens. Look out over deck and past the trees nearby to look and drink in the cool clear creek. Salute the rhododendrons who wave at you with their green leaves. With that crisp air, a few leaves on the surrounding trees are peaking out in reds and some yellows. Fall is in the air. and then WHAPO-my socks are knocked off my feet.

I was looking so far ahead–terrible trait of mine–that I didn’t see God’s majesty right in front of my eyes. Something I would normally had thought of as ‘icky’ was just gorgeous. The way the sun was glinting thru the trees onto the hanging module and close by rhodi showed the glistening overnight handiwork of a spider. Euuuw I’d normally say-even if I can’t spell it, but this was beautiful. The sun bounced in and around the trees profiling the web as different delicate parts glistened here and there. Try as I might I was not able to get a photo that even came close to what I was really seeing. I guess it’s one of those-you had to be here to see it moments. I’m on-my-knees-grateful that I am!

Module with night's handiwork-spider web

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