Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Get ahead of the crowd

Go ahead and try it!  It’s fantastic and during the spring, you get to see thru the trees to the forest floor (Spring abundance) and other vistas that are usually closed off after the leaves have opened on the trees later in the spring.  Not to mention 30% off discounts!

I remember my first time I ziplined.  I was so excited the night before, I couldn’t sleep.  Once we arrived and began putting on the zip equipment, the excitement heightened.  I appreciated all the safety equipment and talk… and the experienced guides.  As we began to take our first small ‘get to know you’ zip, I watched a few youngsters go ahead.  HighlandsZiplineWhen it was my turn, I had a sudden flash –WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I’m a retiree who gets car sick!  I can’t do any kind of roller coaster.  WHAT WAS I THINKING!  Then it was off to the races.  Glory that was fun and that was just a small ‘try out’ one.   The excitement was ramping up once again.  I CAN DO THIS! Holy mackerel, about 50 years dropped off me and I was young again; having a blast. Who needs plastic surgery–get thee on a zipline, costs a lot less! and a lot more fun.

I was so proud of the Mother ahead of me with her two teenage girls… she was scared of heights.  And yet this was her 2nd time! It says a lot about why people do it…not to mention the scenery that’s knock your socks off gorgeous. Don’t forget the kiddo’s.. they have a place for them and even Happy Birthday parties.  Hiking and other activities are added all the time.




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Weather Relapse

This morning I jumped out of bed with acceleration… ok maybe it was a little slower than that. After all it was chilly. I felt like a kid waiting for Santa. Before I could really get my eyes opened, I threw out the sash. And what before my wondering eyes did appear–the water glistening was not from my beloved creek in Highlands. It was the FL swimming pool… brrrr. No wonder I didn’t hear the jingle jangle of water hopping over the rocks. While it’s heavenly to have cooler weather in FL, it is not where my heart is at the moment.

I just finished putting together photos of our Florida Family Reunion in Highlands during October. What an incredible place to have the whole family together at one time. Gorgeous falling leaves, peace, harmony and a baby teething. Can’t get any better than that! Taking our beloved walks around the ‘circle’ with teething grandchild loving every minute of it. Giggling (Brett and us) all the way as our maltipoo was scampering off here and there, joyously chasing those smells that only dogs can.

We even celebrated Thanksgiving a month early. We were so thankful to God to be all together. It’s our sanctuary that we gladly share with those who would love to come and soak up the peace and love that’s a natural part of the area and house. Though we’ll keep the teething grandchild all to ourselves thank you very much! We are blessed that all generations love gathering in the strong arms of the lodge and it’s natural 6-10′ tall rhododendrons and hardwood forest and bouncing creek. That big rock fireplace is just the place to sit back and soak in the warmth. Wouldn’t you like the family to gather here and have Thanksgiving on the Real Day? We rent by the long weekend, week, month and seasonal. Now that we have a gorgeous, wonderful (even when teething) grandson, we now stock Pack n Play, playpen, highchair etc for babies at no extra charge!

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Mountain Magic

I’m dreaming of an early morning twitter of song birds, walking in soft darkness running swiftly into sunrise and lovely singing within an outdoor amphitheater.  This is my mountain introduction to the sunrise service offered by First Presbyterian Church for all who care to begin Easter Sunday under the stars tweeting into sunrise. come meet the lucky ones in Highlands, NC Nature Center Amphitheater.

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