Kiss of the Sun

Endless Sanctuary, Highlands NC

Get ahead of the crowd

Go ahead and try it!  It’s fantastic and during the spring, you get to see thru the trees to the forest floor (Spring abundance) and other vistas that are usually closed off after the leaves have opened on the trees later in the spring.  Not to mention 30% off discounts!

I remember my first time I ziplined.  I was so excited the night before, I couldn’t sleep.  Once we arrived and began putting on the zip equipment, the excitement heightened.  I appreciated all the safety equipment and talk… and the experienced guides.  As we began to take our first small ‘get to know you’ zip, I watched a few youngsters go ahead.  HighlandsZiplineWhen it was my turn, I had a sudden flash –WHAT AM I DOING HERE? I’m a retiree who gets car sick!  I can’t do any kind of roller coaster.  WHAT WAS I THINKING!  Then it was off to the races.  Glory that was fun and that was just a small ‘try out’ one.   The excitement was ramping up once again.  I CAN DO THIS! Holy mackerel, about 50 years dropped off me and I was young again; having a blast. Who needs plastic surgery–get thee on a zipline, costs a lot less! and a lot more fun.

I was so proud of the Mother ahead of me with her two teenage girls… she was scared of heights.  And yet this was her 2nd time! It says a lot about why people do it…not to mention the scenery that’s knock your socks off gorgeous. Don’t forget the kiddo’s.. they have a place for them and even Happy Birthday parties.  Hiking and other activities are added all the time.




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How could I have forgotten my own advice?

ImageWhen the days get rushed, the time flies by and there seems no time to think, I just have to think Mountain Time and I’m transported to Highlands NC.  A breath of fresh air glides by my face; I can hear the water singing over the rocks in the creek and the birds chirping.  I’m reminded of the sign at our mountain rental home, above our front porch swing, Sit Long, Talk Much.  I can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my last blog.  Life happens.

We have a new grandchild -Emma Louise. She’ll celebrate her 1st bday shortly. An incredibly joy! We heard having grandchildren is The Best, but I think it’s something you have to experience to really understand the deep heartbeat flushed with joy.  Or I’m a slow learner on some things!  I’m still working after thinking it’d just be a year of helping out.  It’s such a great job with a great boss, co-workers, it’s too hard to leave.  My husband is still mowing lawns but says it’s time to reflect on his 74th bday–in a few days! And we’re so very proud of our children and all they are and all they are accomplishing in this hurry up changing world. That little boy in the picture below went to pre-school for the first time this week, age 2 group.   Stop the world, I want to get off as my husband and I celebrate 45 years of love, growing up together and our incredible life. We are on our knees thankful to God.

In late May I brought up some of the gals from an exercise class I lead at Tims Church in Lutz. It was a different kind of time than I usually have and I just want to hold it close to my heart as one of the BEST memories I’ve ever had with girlfriends of the heart.  If they weren’t already before, they certainly are now.  Each place we visited and we did a lot in 5 days, is all the more special because of their visit at Norton Creek Lodge.  I almost don’t want to share-it was That special. I encourage all reader’s to do the same.  I’m interested to find out how our next one goes in 2014. I Can Only Imagine.

It’s count down time–2 more days of waking up to 85 degrees and that’s FL humid mornings. Our family is expanding for our upcoming family reunion.  Our niece-in-law and her sweet baby, our great nephew from Atl, wil be joining us as will our son-by-love.


Since Highlands is in the middle of everything, my husband and son will take a day out of festivities and drive to Columbus OH to that side of the family and pick up some heirlooms from my Dad’s side, including a grandfather clock for my niece to take back to ATL.   I am so ready for Highlands.  I can leave behind computers that need to be rebuilt..for the 2nd or 3rd time, new programs.  Grass that needs cutting.  Bills that need to be paid. Groceries that need to be purchased, and a zillion other mundane and stressful issues….  B R E A T H E. . . . I’m making a reservation for that rockin chair in the picture above,  where I can also glance at the Secret Garden below.  ahhhhhh.

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In denial

I have an addiction. Well, maybe more than one. I love my mountain house in Highlands but this other addiction shows up each July and lasts through the early Fall months. In Florida, it lasts about a month but not up in Highlands NC, God’s bit of heaven on earth. If there can be an addiction that’s good for you–this is it.. in moderation..

That’s the bad word–moderation. I’ll let you in on the secret.. I learned to love it in the IL farm fields, the earlier the crop was, the better. It has to be young, and it has to pop with sugar and a burst of flavor in each and every part of it. I’m ashamed to say it’s a vegetable (tho I do love black raspberries, too!).

At Osage Farms on Rt 441 between Dillard GA and Mountain City, GA-across from the weekend Flea Market is where I get my fix. The fresh green beans are incredible and don’t even get me started with the fresh apple-blueberry bread. I plead with anyone up this way and heading back to FL to please please bring me 12 ears of Silver Queen Corn on the cob. I have no shame…if I have to get on my knees, I will.

In Denial

My family says I have a technique in eating… leave No Kernal Behind. I have a family of Enablers. How bad is that when you have an addiction to a vegetable? If I don’t eat like a ‘typewriter’ slinging down the keys from one row to the next, without stopping, until the ‘story’ is done, my family reminds me.

It couldn’t get any worse–they now put everyone’s cobs in front of me and take a picture. I am mortified-look, don’t you see! I must say, if that was a plate of fresh steaming, popping with salt and dripping real butter, it’d be all over my chin and I’d be too busy to smile!
Then a few days later I’d be thinking about that word ‘moderation’ again. . .

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